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17 May 2009 @ 11:53 pm
This may be a stretch... But I'm looking for a slash fanfic I read ages ago, about the boys in high school.

It had the standard "one of them is new in town" beginning - I think it was Mark, because Roger already had a group of friends (one of them might have been named Patrick?) - and I remember, once they were officially boyfriends, they took off to NYC for a weekend so Roger could deflower Mark.

I also recall a scene of them passing notes in class - about doin it again - when the teacher picks up the notes, but promises not to report them, as they were talking about using condoms.

The last chapter I remember reading had Roger getting high at a friend's party and being a jerk to Mark about one thing or another, while one of Roger's friends (Patrick, maybe?) tried to platonically comfort Mark.

If this rings a bell with anyone, please let me know. Many, many thanks in advance. <3
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